Connecting with the Cosmic Consciousness Program
(Seminar or Private Session)

A program for those who would like to become friends with the cosmic beings.


A. Aroma Touch Healing

【Private Session】Enjoy a massage with aroma essences applied lightly on your back. This massage session
helps to slowly release the unnecessary elements.
◆Time:Approx 60 minutes


B. Aura Power Charge

【Private Session】The ‘Invisible Body’ requires nutrients. Similar to an aesthetic salon, light is charged into your
aura to guide your mind and body towards a healthy direction.
◆Time:Approx 60 minutes


C. Seminar on Horoscope Reading

Group SeminarWhich stars and elements were you born under? We read the alignment of the stars at the
moment of your birth
◆Time:Approx 120 minutes


D. Introductory Seminar to Aura & Chakra

【Group Seminar】The human body consists of both the ‘Visible Body’ and the ‘Invisible Body’. Let’ learn about
them and live actively with them.
◆Time:Approx 60 minutes


E. Seminar on Creating protection barrier & Improving the energy waves

Group SeminarSimilar to clothes on our bodies, it’s good if we have a protection around out body’s aura.
Protect your mind by instilling it in your lifestyle.
◆Time:Approx 120 minutes


F. Lerning about the other Universes

Group SeminarHumans live in the 3 rd dimension which consists of the height, length and breadth. Why not
consider and think about the other dimensions?
◆Time:Approx 60 minutes


G. Self-realising Ego

Group SeminarIn order to live mutually with cosmic beings as a ‘shining human or higher-self’, it is necessary
to self-realise ‘ego’ which is a part of human.
◆Time:Approx 90 minutes


H. Ceremony to become a member of the cosmos

Group SeminarExclusive only to those who have attender the entire ‘Connecting to the Cosmic
Consciousness’ Program. Similar to piercing your ears, by marking the energy body, the connection becomes

‘Connecting with the Cosmic Consciousness Program’ is a program that
makes humans become their better higher selves.

On our mother Earth, humans and animals are not the only living creatures.
Spirits, fairies, angels, cosmic beings and more, which are not recognizable by
the naked eye because of their different dimensions, are also living with us.

In order to communicate with them, there are 2 requirements. One is ‘increasing
the senses’, another is to ‘relinquishing ego and prejudices.’

Here, we provide 2 individual session (A~B) and 5 Group Seminars (C~G). Only
for those who have attended all the courses, may accept the final ceremony (H).

The final ceremony, similar to piercing the ear, opens a small hole in your energy
body. As such, you can easily receive inspirations from the cosmos, and look
forward to improving your senses to feel the Invisible World. (With daily practice
of what was taught in seminar E.)

We welcome those who would like to attend all classes, or just a few selected
classes. We hope you will be able to learn more knowledge and experiences that
can make your life better.

‘Connecting with the Cosmic Consciousness Program’ takes place over 2 days.
Please kindly attend all required seminars (Reservations required)

First Day
Orientation, Introduction on Program
F. Learning about the other Universes
D. Introductory Seminar to Aura & Chakra
E. Seminar on Creating protection barrier & Improving the energy waves
Second Day
C. Seminar on Horoscope Reading
Lunch Time
G. Self-realising Ego
H. Ceremony to become a member of the cosmos

※Please make separate reservations for A. Aroma Touch Healing and B. Aura Power Charge outside of the
above seminar program.


Joining ‘Paradise Club’

Ermot Paradise Club
Auto annual renewalWe issue membership and membership number.
Free accommodation in Ermot twice a month.
Free attendance to ‘Connecting to the Cosmic Consciousness Program’
Seminar as many time as you wish.
30% discount for attending ‘Connecting to the Cosmic Consciousness
Program’ Personal Sessions as many time as you wish.
Discounts, gifts and special gifts are provided for members
You may speak at the regular community meetings.
Opportunities to meet with great artists.
Entry requirement
People who are interested and woud like to help to ‘Create a Paradise on Earth’.
One-time payment: 60,000yen ×1time
Monthly Instalment 5,500yen ×12 times
Special Members
One-time payment:100,000yen(We accept multiple times)

Special Member Badges are presented and treated as premium members

Points are presented one year later according to number of payments

In addition, special treatment will be offered to the Special Members (To beannounced later)

Payment Method
Cash, Bank Transfer, Credit Card
Partnerships will be gradually expanded in future.
Withdrawal from the Club is possible after the third year. Should you wish to
withdraw before that, please pay the balance deducted from the second year.

※Please kindly note member services may change time to time.

The fees collected from the membership fee will be used for the development of Ermot. For the current plan, I will use it
carefully for the maintenance cost of the facilities, maintenance of the gate and garden, improvement of the program,
and others. We hope you can join us to create a paradise!


エルモットの特徴 「楽園の住民」と遊んで学ぶ(住民を目指している人を含む)