By providing ‘Healing’,
we gather sensitivity-rich people and create a ‘Paradise’.

Humans in their original state, are able to live happily with both ‘knowledge’ and ‘Sensitivity’.
I would like to revive modern men’s sensitivity, and increase the number of people ‘who
live while sensing the Invisible’.
This is what Ermot hopes to achieve.

When we talk about ‘an ideal peaceful place’, what sort of place is that?

*Regardless of race or ethnicity, where people can laugh in peace
and socialize with each other
*Where ‘creativity’, the essence of humans, can be demonstrated.
*Where human dignity is preserved and people are appreciated.

To achieve this, it is necessary to transcend.


American psychologist Maslow has advocated a theory of human desire.
When the basic needs are met, humans seek higher desires.

When we talk about the state of higher desire (meta)…

To feel that the world and self is one
That everything is full of life
And come to a state where one feels all things with significance.

The keyword is

A world where people can feel the connection with everyone, and respect each other

If such an ideal society was created
What kind of people would be there…

Characteristics of the residents of ‘Paradise on Earth’.

*People who accept themselves as they are, and has a strong sense of self affirmation.
*People who can stand up and move forward without worrying about failure
*People say what they want to say, without hurting the people around them.
*People who are faithful to their intentions without being influenced by the surrounding people and responses.

In other words, people who are healed completely.
By Maslow’s Desire level, people who wish to transcend their current selves.

The first step to self-transcendence, is to start from healing.

The (secret) essence to healing is included in the services that
Ermot offers.
(ヒーリング・癒し / アクティベーション・活性化)

With this, you can become a Resident of Paradise as well !

Japanese Culture & Nature Program

Japanese who were able to live mutually with 8 millions gods

It is said that Japanese DNA contains the strong ability to sense the Invisible World.
Since the Meiji Restoration, Western Civilization came to be instilled into the Japanese lifestyle,
And the energy waves that allowed them to enjoy their lives with the gods and youkai were lost.

Without the need to think too complicatedly, just living in nature,
And leading a lifestyle in harmony with nature, is to achieve the lifestyle of the Japanese in the
old days.
This is a program for enjoying the ‘Ordinary Japanese Lifestyle’.

❷ Connecting to the Cosmic Consciousness Program

Linking the left brain to knowledge and right brain to sensitivity.

Many modern people are used to applying the patterns of thinking,
And tend to execute plans that were planned using their left brains.

On the other hand, in order to sense everything and take action with the cosmic consciousness,
It is necessary to stimulate sensitivity in the right brain,

This program aims to intergrade both the left and right brain, and heart and soul.
We plan and provide a variety of workshops.

Shared-Table Self-Service Cafe

A enjoyable space where you can accept yourself and others

If you are healed at the very fundamental level, you will be able to accept opinions different from
yourself and also enjoy the differences.
Do you enjoy meeting and socializing with people of different cultures and backgrounds by
As this is a self-service drink bar, please do not hesitate to enjoy your own personal flavors.
If you make something for the other party at the shared table, you may become even closer to
them. Please enjoy the moment when your minds connect.


Online Shop (Goods & Online Seminar)

Connect to the Paradise whenever and wherever you are.

Ermot is based in ‘Yorii‘, the ‘belly button of Earth’,
Where the energy to connect to the universe is overflowing, and is the best place on Earth.

For those who are unable to visit this site due to physical constrains,
We provide a range of products and services on our online shop.

Whenever and wherever you are, you can feel the energy waves of the universe by
Placing the original goods of Ermot near yourself.
I hope this will help you to achieve the lifestyle of feeling the Invisible World.


Collaboration / Support/ Volunteer

Creating a paradise for everyone

There are many people in Japan who feel ‘worthless’ and as such hurt themselves.

A quick way to for them to realise that ‘I am worthy’,
Is to have them experience the joy of taking actions for the sake of others, and being useful to people.
(Of course everyone’s existence is worthwhile and is not related to whether you are useful or not)

In practical, Ermot has many tasks that can allow people to experience the joy of being useful.

Advertisement and marketing, accounting, maintenance work and customer service, project
planning & execution and more.
From work that anyone can do, to work that requires a little bit more skills,
Ermot has a mountain-full of work available.
We hope you can come as volunteers.

For those who can do healing and hold workshops, why don’t we collaborate?
In addition, we can collaborate in many other forms!