◆ A place for those seeking their true nature – Yorii

【 From the certain conversation with a psionicist 】

*Yorii is the Hub of the Universe

Before its birth every human is connected with mother’s body through the navel and the
umbilical cord . When this connection is severed, one gains independence as an individual
living being.

Similarly, at the time of its beginnings, Earth was connected with the universe through a
kind of an energetic “navel”. And when the connection disappeared – the separate planet of
Earth was born.

This “Earth’s navel”, or “the hub of the universe” as we may call it, was placed in modern-day
Yorii Town.

Because this place was connected with the universe until the very end, it’s still easy around
here to get in touch with different dimensions.

Without much trouble, you can catch here signals from the whole universe and vice versa –
send your own message to every part of the cosmos.

Especially the Kamafuse Mountain, with its Kamafuse Shrine, is the centremost region of the

*Yamatomizu is the Crystallization of the Universe

At the Kamafuse Mountain there is a riverhead called Yamatomizu.

Yamatomizu, located in Saitama prefecture, is one of the Hundred Famous Waters. It’s
believed that great hero Yamato Takeru, during his expedition to the east, while praying for
victorious battle, thrust his sword into the rock wall and the water gushed out.

Wonderful natural environment of the Yorii Town, with Yamatomizu inscribed on the Hundred
Famous Waters List, Hundred Greatest Riverhead Forests List’s Yamatomizu no Mori as well as
the whole town itself entitled “The Waterfront Village” is recognized all around the world as
“The Triple Crown Winner”, as the baseball fans would put, in terms of water.

Because of its “easy to connect with the universe” properties, usage of water from
Yamatomizu is also said to have formerly been preferred in the shintō practices across all
shrines in Japan.

With the information hidden inside the Yamatomizu ancient Japanese could create a
civilization that maintains harmony with the universe.

*Nearby town of Nagatoro is “The Earth’s Window”

On the west side of the Kamafuse Mountain there is a sightseeing spot of Nagatoro Town,
famous for its Iwadatami – natural monument comprised of tatami-like rock formations. The
Nagatoro itself is called “The Earth’s Window”.

The Iwadatami is a miraculous landform, an extraordinary landscape of rocks that are
supposed to lay inside the Earth’s crust, deep in the ground, yet here they resurfaced and are
clearly visible.

It’s precisely because it acts as a window through which one can see the inner side of the
Earth, that the Iwadatami has gained its fame and many geologists from all around the world
visit this place.

Again, if we think about this uncommon phenomenon as one present “at the navel of the
Earth”, everything makes perfect sense.

*Chichibu City is truly a wonderful sightseeing spot.

Main road of Chichibu City for many centuries has been a motif often depicted by painters,
with its beautiful image of sparkling sunrays pouring down form the skies.

In fact, many people, who passed through this mountain road claim, that the way sun shines
here is different from anywhere else.

For this reason, from the ancient times, the vicinity prospered as a sightseeing spot. Moreover,
the magnificent shrines – Mitsumine Shrine, Chichibu Shrine and Hōdosan Shrine are placed

Chichibu… Nagatoro… Yorii… all of them are a part of the same region. In the Yorii Town as
well there is something special about the “light”.

It’s just like sun wanted its versicolored sunrays gently seeping through the foliage to let
people feel the sense of happiness that sleeps inside them.

A place filled with healing and soothing atmosphere. Perfect spot for those seeking inspiration
or a fresh look.

It may be better to materialize ideas born here in some other, much more bustling place, like
Tokyo for example.

But, if you want to “return to the source” and “grasp the true nature of reality” there is no
better place you could get recommend.

Thanks to its scenic beauty Yorii Town has also became a place, where many celebrities have build their villas. Please, make sure to visit our town blessed with abundance of nature and famous waters.


Great sites

The most reliable information

*Yorii Town Official Page[Yorii Town Hall]
*Official Tourist Information Page[Visiting Yorii]
*Peace of Mind in Yorii [Yorii – Chichibu Ethics Association]
*Yorii Honda [Yorii Honda Factory Tours](Reservation is needed 2 months in advance – Groups smaller than
10 people may enter on the Customer Appreciation Day)

Tourist Attractions

Before the II World War the region was known as the most prominent tourist spot in the Kantō

If it’s Yorii, first of all hiking.[Tsuburata Lake Course]

*One of the Hundred Famous Castles of Japan[Hachigata Castle]Park & History Museum
*If it’s about shrines in Yorii[Munakata Shrine]
*Beautiful forest at the site of Matsumoto Kōshirō VII’s detached villa[Suzumenomiya Park]
*Arakawa Line Down’s[Nagatoro Iwadatami]
*With the name also auspicious[Hōdosan Shrine](The meaning of that name is "climb the mountain of treasure")
*See the traditional Ogawa washi paper inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List[Higashichichibu – The Village of Washi]

Hot Springs/ Famous Waters


*Open-air baths are the best!.[Kanpo no Yado – Yorii]
*Tiny and elegant iwaburo or hot springs surrounded by rocks[Kaya no Yu]
*One of the Hundred Famous Waters, which gushed out from the rock when Yamato Takeru

pierced it with his sword[Yamatomizu]

Roadside of the Hanazono Interchange

There’s a lot of big-box stores.

*Roadside Garden and Bakery[Hanazono Forest]
*Vegetables at a bargain price[JA Hanazono]
*Overcrowded despite being a refuge[Kakure Kawara no Karintō]
*Home Center[Sekichū]
*Food Market[HA-Z Hanazono]

Yorii Station

There are two exits: North and South.

*If you want to do some sightseeing check[The Tourism Association of Yorii] (South Exit)
*A café where you can also buy some vegetables[Angel] (South Exit)
*Quite cool[Yorii Library](North Exit)
*It’s worthwhile to meet once the shop manager of the [HakujuPlus]at Yaokō