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Akiko Naitoh / Kashu-kashu
As I am running here by myself currently, please
understand that my updates may be slow.


I am Akiko Naitoh, the owner of Ermot.
I have been doing healing work for many years under the name of ‘Kashu-kashu’.

I was born in Kyoto and studied under a calligrapher from the age of 5. While experiencing
tea ceremony and Noh music, I also worked as graphic designer and IT related work.

Actually, I feel that I am ‘born to make Earth into a Paradise!’

I also realized that many people from around the world say the same thing.

However, the meaning of ‘Paradise’ differs from person to person, thus I feel there is a need
to clarify the meaning.

The ‘Paradise’ I am looking for, is not “simply just a place to be
‘comfortable’ or ‘happy’.”

‘A place where people respect each other, and are able to live in peace of mind’ is the
‘Paradise’ I am searching for.

Not just on the surface, but truly deeply when you can forgive things ‘as
they are’, your body and mind is able to relax. That is the natural, original
state. And similar to a flower blossoming, the true essence and talent will
then be able to manifest. And with that, we can mutually respect each other
naturally! I wondered if such a scenery can be achieved.

All of that starts from ‘Healing’.
To gather and birth ‘People who love themselves’, ‘People who believe in themselves’ that
have been healed.

I want to gather the people who liberated themselves from their binds, and the people who
have blossomed.

As such, I provide the essence of healing as a ‘hidden flavour’ in the services provided at
Ermot. I hope to create a space that people from around the world can come and enjoy
themselves, as a Japanese style café and accommodation, and also communicate with

At the same time, not only as a service but as a ‘product’. In other words,
I also hope to offer healing goods, artistic goods and food that are healthy
for the body.

I hope that in this huge world, that you could come and enjoy my Paradise!
I hope you can enjoy ‘Japanese Culture’ and ‘Foreign Cultural Exchange’!
I wish to increase the number of people with beautiful aura, whose minds have been
released from the many restrictions and been set free.

I sincerely wish to achieve this type of ‘Paradise on Earth’.

Yorii is a very popular spot as a villa, and is rich with nature and land. When it was born a
billion years ago on Earth, it was located at the centre of Earth. As the ‘bellybutton of the
Earth’, it connects the energy waves of the entire universe. Some even say that this is
Earth’s strongest power spot. When the new era arrives, the seal will be released. I will be
very happy if even one more person can experience the ‘unordinary’ here, and instil it in their
everyday life and come to ‘enjoy a lifestyle as a transcendent who has become a better self.

Please be welcomed to visit! I look forward to meeting you.

At same time, I am gathering people who are able to actively support me.

Artists, healers, people who are good at enjoying nature, people good at
maintenance and many other, I wish to be able to from a partnership with
people in different fields

In terms of future, I dream of expanding to all parts of the world.
Furthermore, I would be very happy if I could send artists and healers to all
corners of the world, and achieve the sharing of Japanese culture and
foreign cultural exchange.

I hope everyone continues to support me and thank you.

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Graphic Designer
Commercial Calligrapher
Healing Artist
Story Telling Tokyo Director


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